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Cantt Academy was established in 2001 with a mission to provide the quality education in an affordable fee structure for all the students no matter what socio-economic background they come from. We have a team of experienced qualified and committed teachers. They are renowned as authority on their subjects and our previous results are proof of our claim. Our Motto is "We Own Our Students". We prepare our students for final examinations by taking monthly tests and providing notes for each subject. Finally at the end of syllabus, revision and test series is being held in last three months which equip them for final exam. Students are motivated by giving prizes to position holders each month in Test series. There are no special charges for test series. Moreover, we engage our teachers with students till final day of exams; Students are given chances to participate in co-curricular activities. Annual Mehfil-I-Milad in the month of Rabi ul Awal is the permanent feature of our academy. Cricket tournament between all the classes are held every year. Farewell parties give opportunities to every student to express him/her. These parties are held for boys as well as for girls separately.

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Bhatti Street, Near MAN-O-SALVA

Tulsa Road, Lalazar, Rawalpindi Cantt

0321-5138288, 0345-5930370,


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